My portfolio, samples of things that I have written

First things first - my intro!

How did I end up here in France? After my brother died I had to take care of his affairs. He had retired to live in Thailand but still had his house in England. I was happily settled in the USA so was working across 3 time zones! After everything was settled I made the decision to relocate to France. I had visited France many times since my first visit to Paris, and loved the old historic towns and wonderful stone houses. I was able to find a 19th century house that was built of, yes, stone! It was a renovation project, I knew that when I bought it. These houses can never be copied or replaced! I did what I could myself, but those in the building trades had to do the heavy lifting - I paint walls :) ! 

Eventually  I realised that I had to get back to work, and oh, how things had changed. I found a huge industry out there, with companies and agencies looking for freelancers, but all my old contacts were long gone. I decided that I would go “old school” and create this website which I could use as my professional “calling card”.  What I had NOT anticipated was that software developers would be able to launch an array of options that would make all of this "so last century"! They are now selling computer algorithms, or AIs, that can do everything that a writer or illustrator could do, and with just a few clicks. I think I will leave it there for now, but if you are still looking for a writer who actually writes, send me a message and I will give you a call. 

Stephanie Hunt-Crowley  August 24, 2022.

 I will have to select some suitable clips for my portfolio, but in the meantime you can write to me and ask for examples relevant to your requirements.