Who am !? A self employed freelancer, I have lived in 4 different countries. I was born in the UK, have lived in the USA and Canada, and am now resident in rural France. I am an experienced writer and I work for myself, not for any company or agency. I provide personal service and do not subcontract out to third parties or use an A.I. to produce computer generated material. I can offer well researched articles and editing services, as well as preparation of needed business materials. Let's talk on the phone and discuss how we can work together.


I can work anywhere - have laptop, no need to travel !

What else do you need to know about me? I have worn many hats, but I have always been a writer, starting with "Letters to the Editor" in my teens! This was followed by columns in special interest magazines, and eventually working for a publishing company as staff writer and handling corporate sales. I also worked in the market research industry, and in the travel business.

My other interests? I have been involved in the world of dogs since I was a teenager. I bred my first litter of Afghan Hounds in the UK, and continued after I crossed the Atlantic. Dogs that I had bred became champions in many different countries. Although I never went to vet school, I did at one time work for a veterinarian, and I have had a continuing interest in veterinary medicine. Other interests that have never been my "day job" include the study of astrology, photography, meteorology and gardening. I have 3 blogs on WordPress, I am an unpublished author of a children's story, plus a couple of short stories, and have a stack of story ideas which have always had to take a back seat to "work"! I hope to get back to this in the future.

I am happy to work with private individuals or businesses. Proof reading, editing, rewriting letters, personal memoires. I can also help people who speak English and who desire to improve their pronunciation of the English language.


I am professionally registered here in France as a self-employed writer - an "Entrepreneur Independante" - and my Siret No. is 84182046700014.

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