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September 8, 2022

     Those of you who have visited this site before will notice the new color scheme - I have also edited some of the material on these pages. I will be posting links to my Wordpress blogs under "News, blogs and more!" and will post future updates to this site on this page.


Please contact me at the e-mail address shown below or on Facebook/Messenger private message  at Stephanie Hunt Crowley (no hyphen) - Thank you


I am a writer !
This is what I do!

Yes, that IS what I *do* - and that means original  research where necessary, or working with information provided to me by you. 

I will NOT be using any tools such as an AI to produce computer generated material



I will do the research for you

If you are a writer like me and need  someone to verify some historical facts  or the climate in a specific locale,  I can do that.

Editors: if you want an article based on original research, you will get it - no canned content!


If you are in business

In any business you will need to optimise and simplify your life. I can prepare all your needs from a single page to full scale marketing plan. I can prepare sales promotional material. Case studies are a great way to validate and enhance your reputation 

for all creators!

 Creators can be writers, artists, bakers or fabricators, with ideas buzzing around in our heads.  What we need is an unbiased opinion, a brainstorming session, to help clarify the project and its direction. I am now offering a live 1hr   brainstorming session.

This is why I do not keep business hours!

I work remotely and you could be on the other side of the world!  We can make 1st contact by e-mail then by phone at a good time. 

Contact me for cost of project or assignment, by phone or e-mail

Send me an e-mail with your phone number or contact me by FB Messenger: Stephanie Hunt Crowley and I will contact you.


My working language is English

All documents will be created in word docx files or in PDF format as required and agreed. 



Clients can be assured of full confidentiality in all matters, and all discussions written and verbal


I work for myself and will not subcontract any projects to any third parties.